Descendants of Abner M. Davis and Betsy Shaffer and Mary Collyer

1. Abner Morgan Davis born NOV-14-1835, Ky., (son of George Washington Davis and Rachel Mahan) married (1) ABT 1859, Elizabeth "Betsey" Ann Shaffer, born ABT 1832, Oh., (daughter of Seth Shaffer and Margaret E. Faulkner) died AFT NOV 1872, married (2) ABT 1880, Mary Hannah Collyer, born 1850, Ia., (daughter of Andrew Collier and Mary Jane Yingling). Abner died OCT-18-1906, Decatur Co. Ia., buried: Logan cemetery.

Children by Elizabeth "Betsey" Ann Shaffer:

2. i Margaret Jane Davis born about 1860.

3. ii Hannah E. Davis born ABT 1861.

4. iii Daniel Hendrix Davis born MAY-24-1862.

5. iv John William Davis born OCT-09-1863.

6. v Rachel Davis born ABT 1865.

7. vi Almira Davis born SEP-10-1868.

vii Bridgett Davis born ABT 1871, Mo.

8. viii Annie Davis born NOV-14-1872.

Children by Mary Hannah Collyer:

9. ix Seth M. Davis born 1880.

x Nancy Davis born 1884, died 1965, Springfield, Mo, buried: White Chapel Mem Gar, Greene Co.

10. xi George Dekalb Davis born MAY-09-1886.

xii Neva C. "Clemmie" Davis born 1889, died 1970, Springfield, Mo, buried: White Chapel Mem Gar, Greene Co.

11. xiii Parker Edward Davis born SEP-30-1891.

Second Generation

2. Margaret Jane Davis (1.Abner1) born about 1860, Decatur Co., Ia, married OCT-12-1877, Charles Hazard Gatliff, born SEP-28-1853, (son of Charles H. Gatliff and Mary Early) died MAR-18-1925, aged 71 years, 5 months, 18 days. Margaret died 1926, buried: Gatliff cemetery.


i Bessie Gatliff born 1879.

ii Earl Gatliff born 1881.

iii Earnest Gatliff born APR-13-1882, married JAN-30-1910, Etta Bright, born APR-12-1891, (daughter of John Bright and Martha Williams) died 1980. Earnest died 1944.

iv King Gatliff born 1885.

v Gertrude Gatliff born 1888, married Oral Bright, born 1891, (son of George Cornelius Bright and Martha Ellen Spencer) died 1943. Gertrude died 1948.

3. Hannah E. Davis (1.Abner1) born ABT 1861, Mo., married John C. "Crit" Polston, born abt 1863, (son of Mitchell Polston and Elizabeth Calavan). Hannah died aftter 1930, Mills Co. Ia.


i John Polston born Jul-1886.

ii Ona E. Polston born 1889.

iii Anna E. Polston born 1891.

iv Margaret Polston born 1896.

v Archie O. Polston born abt 1901.

vi Elsie V. Polston born 1902, married John R. Fisher, born 1901.

4. Daniel Hendrix Davis (1.Abner1) born MAY-24-1862, Mercer Co., Mo., married 1883, Nancy Arnelda Polston, born MAY-16-1865, Mercer Co., Mo., (daughter of Mitchell Polston and Elizabeth Calavan) died JAN-24-1935, Tabor, Fremount Co., Ia., buried: Hastings Cemetery, Hastings, Ia. Daniel died JUL-09-1941, Glenwood, Mills Co., Ia., buried: Hastings Cemetery, Hastings, Ia.


i Effie Ethil Davis born DEC-08-1884, married SEP-13-1908, in Lineville, Ia., Alva Hartley, born JUN-20-1884, (son of William Hartley and Permelia Johnson) died MAR-07-1924. Effie died JAN-13-1952.

ii Bessie A. Davis born Jan 1887, married MAR-24-1911, Everett O. Rutherford, born JUN-03-1892, (son of Lewis Retherford and Lucy Overton) died DEC-27-1970, Mount Ayr, Ia. Bessie died 1973.

iii Sarah Arizona Davis born MAR-04-1889, married FEB-07-1909, Oliver Overton, born OCT-15-1890, died JAN-29-1954. Sarah died APR-12-1940.

iv Della Margaret Davis born APR-18-1891, married SEP-23-1906, William Allen McReynolds, born JUN-02-1885, died JUN-29-1948. Della died FEB-26-1925.

v Cora Mae Davis born SEP-02-1893, married DEC-20-1908, Leslie David Lemons.

vi Hazard M. Davis born DEC-18-1895, married NOV-03-1915, Fannie Dunkin, born NOV-11-1895. Hazard died OCT-09-1958.

vii Wilby Edna Davis born OCT-15-1899, married JAN-01-1919, Ernest A. Richie, born JUN-15-1899, (son of Addison Richie and Annie M. Herman) died MAR-01-1962, Red Oak, Ia., buried: Hastings Cemetery, Mills Co., Ia. Wilby died OCT-27-1978, Corning, Ia., buried: Hastings Cemetery, Hastings, Mills Co.,.

viii William Edward Davis born OCT-15-1899, married AUG-15-1919, Nellie Marie Starr, born JAN-29-1904, died DEC-10-1969. William died APR-10-1948.

ix Martha Almira Ulalee Davis born MAY-13-1903, married AUG-13-1920, Ray Switzer, born DEC-23-1885, died OCT-11-1944. Martha died SEP-30-1970.

5. John William Davis (1.Abner1) born OCT-09-1863, married SEP-22-1893, Myrtle May Johnston, born MAR-24-1880, Oh., (daughter of John Wesley Johnston and Nancy Ellen Smith) died APR-05-1955, buried: Logan cemetery, Decatur Co., Ia. John died JUN-21-1938, buried: Logan cemetery, Decatur Co., Ia.


i Bertha Davis born APR-19-1894, married (1) OCT-12-1912, in Sebastian Co., Ar, Harley Johnston, born 1888, (son of John Wesley Johnston and Nancy Ellen Smith) died Jan 1979, OK, married (2) SEP-28-1925, in Sebastian Co., Ar, James Hodges "Jim " Miller, born MAR-04-1901, died JUL-10-1994, Irving, Tx. Bertha died APR-22-1979, Dallas, Tx.

ii Janie Davis born OCT-20-1896, died DIPTHERIA, as a child.

iii Lannie E. Davis born MAR-20-1898, married OCT-28-1914, Lonnie Retherford, born FEB-26-1896, (son of Lewis Retherford and Lucy Overton) died SEP-02-1960, buried: Early Cemetery, Mercer Co. Mo. Lannie died AFT 1914.

iv Vena Salvesta Davis born FEB-14-1900, married JAN-19-1918, Thomas Joseph Kelly, born OCT-24-1883, (son of Patrick Kelly and Sarah Jeutt) died OCT- -1947, Lineville, Ia. Vena died JUL-25-1979.

v Orlie Roswell Davis born AUG-25-1902, married DEC-12-1928, Jessie Maria Ragan, born JAN-29-1904, died MAR-19-1972, buried: Logan cemetery, Decatur Co., Ia. Orlie died SEP-02-1935, buried: Logan cemetery, Decatur Co., Ia.

vi Ellen Elizabeth Davis born JUL-25-1905, married OCT-07-1922, Bert B. Nickell, born OCT-10-1901, (son of James Harlan Nickell and Mary Jane Hayes) died DEC-30-1960, Lineville, Ia. Ellen died JUL-02-1979, buried: Evergreen, Lineville, Ia.

vii Earnest James Davis born AUG-21-1907, married 1934, in Unionville, Mo., Dorotha Berniece Ellis, born JAN-29-1911, (daughter of Birt Ellis and Eliza Jane Vinzant) died MAR-05-1988, buried: Evergreen cemetery, Lineville, IA. Earnest died OCT-12-1984, Lineville, Ia., buried: Evergreen cemetery, Lineville, IA.

viii Grace Davis born JUL-13-1910, married SEP-23-1925, Earl Henry Ellis, born DEC-20-1903, Decatur Co., Ia., (son of Birt Ellis and Eliza Jane Vinzant) died DEC-22-1990, buried: Leon cemetery. Grace died AUG-01-1976, buried: Leon cemetery.

ix Perry Elmer Davis born MAY-04-1912, married JUL-01-1939, Jenny Evelyn Mulvania, born OCT-20-1920, (daughter of Roy C. Mulvania and Claira A. Shields) died MAR-22-1992, buried: Logan cemetery, Decatur Co., Ia. Perry died 1993, buried: Logan cemetery, Decatur Co., Ia.

x Abner Wesley Davis born SEP-23-1919, Decatur Co., Ia., married (1) 1938, Norma Wells, born MAY-20-1922, (daughter of Jess Wells and Minnie _____) died JUL-26-1993, Clinton, Ia., married (2) Leona _____, married (3) DEC-30-1976, in Princeton, MO., Ruth E. Thorson, born APR-05-1924, Emmetsburg, Ia., (daughter of Lawrence Thorson and Blanche Mason) died AUG-14-1998, St. Joseph's Mercy Hospital, buried: Haines cemetery north of Centerville, Ia. Abner died FEB-27-2000, Centerville, IA., buried: Haines cemetery north of Centerville, Ia.

6. Rachel Davis (1.Abner1) born ABT 1865, Mo., married Charles William Riggs, born 1866, Ia., died JAN-29-1930, Hastings, Ia., buried: Logan cemetery, Decatur Co., Ia. Rachel died 1907, buried: Logan cemetery, Decatur Co., Ia.


i Minnie M. Riggs born 1893, married George Larkins, born OCT-19-1879, (son of Joseph Wesley Larkins and Margaret O. Johnston) died MAR-15-1959. Minnie died bef 1953.

ii Mary May Riggs born 1895, Lineville, Wayne Co., Ia., married Nathan Moore, born JUL-26-1882, died JUN-27-1965, Mills Co., Ia., buried: Malvern Cemetery. Mary died SEP-17-1947, Mills Co., Ia., buried: Malvern Cemetery.

iii Melvin Vernie Riggs born 1899, Ia., married Eula C. Johnson, (daughter of Stephen Doll Johnson and Rebecca Hart). Melvin died JUN-19-1958.

iv Peral Riggs.

7. Almira Davis (1.Abner1) born SEP-10-1868, Mo., died APR-08-1919, buried: Gatliff cemetery.


i Zella Davis born SEP-01-1891, Ia., died APR-03-1919, buried: Gatliff cemetery.

8. Annie Davis (1.Abner1) born NOV-14-1872, married Lewis Martin, born APR-21-1881, died JUL-03-1902, buried: Early cemetery, in Mercer Mo. Annie died MAR-03-1955, buried: Early Cemetery, Mercer Co., Mo.


i Lloyd Martin born SEP-15-1899, married JAN-31-1920, Hazel Marie Cox, born OCT-19-1905, Louisiana, Pike Co., Mo., died JUL-04-1997, buried: Early cemetery, Mercer, Mo. Lloyd died AUG-26-1988, buried: Early cemetery, Mercer, Mo.

ii Guy L. Martin born OCT-15-1900, married FEB-18-1921, Emma Louisa Stark, born JUL-04-1903, (daughter of David Franklin Stark and Lucy Jane Moore) died AUG-03-1991, buried: Early cemetery, Mercer, Mo. Guy died NOV-27-1978, buried: Early cemetery, Mercer, Mo.

9. Seth M. Davis (1.Abner1) born 1880, Wayne, Co., Ia., married DEC-25-1906, in Corydon, Wayne Co., Ia., Bertha N. Fuller, born 1888, Mercer Co., Mo., (daughter of Cal Harrison Fuller and Mary Martin). Seth died 1933?, ? Mahaska Co. Ia.???, buried: ?White cemetery?.


i Eddie L. Davis born ABT 1909, Ia.

ii Mildred Davis born 1910.

iii Irene Davis born 1911, married Clarence A. Bloom, born 1907, Mo, died 1976, Upton, buried: Weston Co, Wy. Irene died 1981, Upton, buried: Weston Co, Wy.

iv Ruth Davis born 1912.

v Evan Davis (details excluded).

10. George Dekalb Davis (1.Abner1) born MAY-09-1886, Decatur Co., Ia., married SEP-09-1909, in Kansas City, Mo., Ona Mae Vanderpool, born APR-06-1889, (daughter of William Lisha Vanderpool and Louisa J. Radabaugh) died FEB-08-1942, Portland Multnomah Co., OR., buried: Emerson Cemetery, Mills Co., Ia. George died JUN-30-1970, Glenwood, Mills Co., Ia., buried: Emerson Cemetery.


i Gerald Davis born 1912.

ii Clystia Davis born DEC-18-1913, married Raymond Clyde Douglas, born NOV-30-1910, died SEP-24-1971, Oakdale, Ia., buried: Emerson Cemetery, Mills Co,. Clystia died MAR-06-1980, Red Oak, Ia., buried: Emerson Cemetery, Mills Co,.

iii Ethel Davis (details excluded).

iv Thelma Davis born APR-19-1917, married APR-23-1938, in Council Bluffs, Ia, Irvin Irick. Thelma died JAN-24-2010, buried: Glenwood Cemetery, Mills Co., Ia.

v Edna Marie Davis born SEP-20-1919, married JUL-04-1938, in Nodaway Co, Mo, Oren E. Brazeal, born JUN-10-1917, died FEB-01-2003, buried: Santa Fe National Cemetery. Edna died JUL-08-1962, buried: Santa Fe, Nm.

vi Clarence Davis (details excluded).

vii Hazel Davis (details excluded).

viii Roscoe Davis (details excluded).

ix Esther L. Davis (details excluded).

x Delbert L. Davis (details excluded).

11. Parker Edward Davis (1.Abner1) born SEP-30-1891, married FEB-20-1918, Anna M. Follmer, born JUN-23-1883, Ripley Co., In.., (daughter of George Henry Christ Follmer and Margaret 'Maggie' A. Kirchhoff) died FEB-07-1920, HarrisonCo.,, buried: Akron, Mo. Parker died DEC-23-1963, Springfield, Mo, buried: White Chapel Mem Gar, Greene Co.


i Velma Arlene Davis (details excluded).

ii Dortha Ilene Davis (details excluded).

iii Doris V. Davis (details excluded).

Descendants of James H. Porter and Florence B. Williams

1. James Hazard Porter born MAR-06-1861, Mercer Co., Mo., (son of Wesley 'Mack' McKindry Porter and Helen Marietta Laughlin) married JAN-21-1891, Florence Bell Williams, born FEB-08-1873, (daughter of Jason Williams and Mary Ann Renaker) died DEC-31-1959, buried: South Lineville, Mercer Co., Mo. James died JUN-29-1921, buried: South Lineville, Ia.
i Glen Alvin Porter born AUG-07-1892, married NOV-26-1919, in Mercer Co, Mo, Jessie Holmes, born APR-23-1884, died died early, buried: marker in Ravana cemetery. Glen died FEB-15-1941, Los Angeles, Ca.
2. ii Lucille M. Porter born DEC-14-1893.
3. iii Carl Vadus Porter born AUG-08-1895.
4. iv Peral Ira "Toby" Porter born OCT-24-1897.
5. v Albert Mack Porter born MAY-22-1904.
Second Generation
2. Lucille M. Porter (1.James1) born DEC-14-1893, Mo., married (1) DEC-17-1911, in divorced before 1920, Oakey Bay, born ABT 1894, Mo., (son of Elmer E Bay and Emma Lewis) married (2) Robert Young Simms, born MAY-14-1907, died FEB-27-1965, Point Loma, Ca., buried: Ft. Rosecrans Nat'l Cemetery. Lucille died JUN-30-1969, Point Loma, Ca., buried: Ft. Rosecrans Nat'l Cemetery.
Children by Oakey Bay:
i Hazard Bay born DEC-29-1913, died DEC-18-1967, San Bernadino, Ca.
3. Carl Vadus Porter (1.James1) born AUG-08-1895, Mercer Co. Missouri, married SEP-14-1918, in Manhattan, Ks., Veta Fonabelle Gibson, born JUN-03-1899, (daughter of James Tye Gibson and Mary Ann "Mollie" Hays) died APR-08-1975, Kirksville, Mo., Laughlin Hospital, buried: LINEVILLE,IA, Evergreen. Carl died FEB-18-1977, Veterans Hospital, Des Moines, Ia., buried: LINEVILLE,IA., Evergreen.
i Doral Vadus Porter born NOV-19-1919, Mercer Co., Mo., married SEP-30-1939, in Chillicothe, Mo., Amy Reba Evans, born JAN-06-1920, Mercer Co., Mo., (daughter of Ivan George Evans and Lottie McGregor Litewine) died DEC-28-2003, buried: Evergreen cemetery, Lineville, IA. Doral died DEC-13-1999, buried: Evergreen cemetery, Lineville, IA.
ii Leon Dale Porter born MAR-28-1922, Mercer Co., Mo., married living Martin, (daughter of Neal Dodds Martin and Florence Louise Miller). Leon died OCT-29-2004, Iowa Methodist Hospital, Des Moines, Ia, buried: Evergreen cemetery, Lineville, IA.
iii Ava Leola Porter born JUN-15-1924, married AUG-07-1943, in Papillion, Ne., Max Perryman, born SEP-25-1924, (son of Russel Perryman) died DEC-25-2006. Ava died DEC-20-1972, Altoona Ia.
iv Joan Jane Porter born AUG-13-1931, Mercer Co., Mo., died AUG-13-1931, buried: LINEVILLE,IA, Evergreen.
4. Peral Ira "Toby" Porter (1.James1) born OCT-24-1897, married MAR-01-1922, Nellie Elwysey Jane Hampton, born NOV-18-1898, (daughter of Joseph Preston Hampton and Mary Viola Madora Cox) died OCT-06-2003, buried: Evergreen cemetery, Lineville, IA. Peral died NOV-30-1971, buried: Evergreen cemetery, Lineville, IA.
i Phyllis Cathleen Porter born FEB-05-1924, married MAY-28-1949, Cletus Joseph Turnbach, born MAY-10-1925, died JUL-29-1974, buried: Evergreen, Lineville, Ia. Phyllis died SEP-08-1996, buried: Evergreen , Lineville, Ia.
ii living Porter .
5. Albert Mack Porter (1.James1) born MAY-22-1904, married JAN-03-1928, Lenora Abigail Galiger, born SEP-22-1904, (daughter of Joseph Elery Galiger and Lora Maude Holmes) died JAN-26-2006. Albert died JAN-08-1972, buried: Evergreen, Lineville, Ia.
i James Elery Porter born DEC-16-1928, married (1) JUL-21-1951, Carolyn Marie Goans, born FEB-25-1934, died JAN-25-1995, married (2) Theresa Joan Abelle, born 1923, died 2013. James died MAY-25-1993, buried: Wilder cemetery.
ii Lora Lou Porter born FEB-19-1930, Mercer, Mercer Co., Mo., married APR-18-1953, William David Hedden, born JUN-13-1918, died NOV-06-1982. Lora died JAN-11-1979, Kansas City, Johnson Co., Ks.
iii living female Porter
iv living male Porter
v living female Porter

Descendants of John B. Martin and Ina T. Norris

1. John Bailey Martin born JUN-23-1862, Jefferson Co., Il., (son of John Martin and Julyan Armstrong) married JUN-23-1889, Ina Thresa Norris, born FEB-20-1868, Jefferson Co., Il., (daughter of Augustus J. Norris and Margaret Dodds) died MAR-21-1956, Altona, Man., Can., buried: Hamilton Cemetery. John died NOV-18-1934, Pembina Co., Nd., buried: Hamilton Cemetery.
2. i Glen Augustus Martin born JUN-12-1890.
3. ii Neal Dodds Martin born MAR-26-1892.
4. iii Kirby Armstrong Martin born FEB-04-1895.
5. iv Noble Bailey Martin born FEB-17-1899.
Second Generation
2. Glen Augustus Martin (1.John1) born JUN-12-1890, Jefferson Co., Il., married (1) MAR-01-1916, in Washington, Pa., Anna Belle Carson, born DEC-01-1891, Washington Co., Pa., (daughter of Elgy Springer Carson and Ruth L. Morton) died APR-25-1961, Phoenix, Az., married (2) Mae Willis, married (3) Maxine M. Gallagher, married (4) Margaret Brown (Mcleod), born 1905. Glen died APR-18-1974, Palmyra, Mo.
Children by Anna Belle Carson:
i Ray Carson Martin born MAR-28-1917, Hamilton, ND., married (1) Warren Yetive Belote, married (2) Donna Jean Kaumeyer, born 1928, died 1977, married (3) Lila Mildred Briese, born 1918, died 1995. Ray died NOV-16-1995, Hamilton, ND.
ii J.B. Martin born DEC-25-1918, married Eleanor May Lemier. J.B. died APR-24-2010.
iii Charles Elgy Martin born MAR-17-1926, Hamilton, ND, married (1) Louise Lee Cocroft, born DEC-06-, Providence, RI., died SEP- -1994, Honolulu, Hi., married (2) (living)Chin. Charles died SEP-17-2013, Austin, Tx.
3. Neal Dodds Martin (1.John1) born MAR-26-1892, Illinois, married JUL-06-1920, Florence Louise Miller, born MAY-26-1902, Princeton, MO., (daughter of George William Miller and Martha Ann Loe) died SEP-13-1996, buried: Princeton Cemetery. Neal died SEP-17-1951, Princeton, MO., buried: Princeton Cemetery.
i (living) Martin married James Ferguson Dent, born JUN-06-1914, died JAN-18-1979.
ii (living) Martin married (1) Betty Jean Seeley, born FEB-24-1927, Princeton, MO., (daughter of Ovid Seeley and Rosie Thogmartin) died DEC-15-1965, married (2) living Thurman.
iii (living) Martin married Leon Dale Porter, born MAR-28-1922, Mercer Co., Mo., (son of Carl Vadus Porter and Veta Fonabelle Gibson) died OCT-29-2004, Iowa Methodist Hospital, Des Moines, Ia, buried: Evergreen cemetery, Lineville, IA.
4. Kirby Armstrong Martin (1.John1) born FEB-04-1895, married Edna B. Peters, born 1904, died 1980. Kirby died APR-24-1975, New York, Ny., buried: Miami City Cemetery, Miami, Fl.
i (living) Martin (details excluded), married Ralph Saltus.
5. Noble Bailey Martin (1.John1) born FEB-17-1899, Waltonville, Il., married DEC-24-1929, Eleanor Rinde, born 1906, died 1994, Portland Or. Noble died OCT-18-1957, Devils Lake, Nd., buried: Woodworth, Nd.
i Joann E. Martin born MAR-05-1933, married Lloyd Hanlin, born 1933, died 2002, Portland Or. Joann died OCT-23-2008, Portland, OR.

Descendants of George W. Millier and Martha Loe

1. George William Miller born AUG-07-1861, Mercer Co., Mo. (north of Spickard), (son of Harrison Miller and Martha Jane Spickard) married JAN-21-1883, in Princeton, MO., Martha Ann Loe, born MAR-17-1866, (daughter of William Anderson Loe and Sarah Ann Horn) died JUL-23-1946, Princeton, MO. George died APR-04-1949, Princeton, MO., buried: Princeton Cemetery.
2. i Grace Miller born MAY-25-1884.
3. ii Allie Miller born FEB-14-1886.
4. iii Bess Miller born JUL-03-1891.
5. iv Florence Louise Miller born MAY-26-1902.
Second Generation
2. Grace Miller (1.George1) born MAY-25-1884, Princeton, MO., married (1) 1903, Fred A. Lane, married (2) Charles Long, born 1869, died 1947, buried: Princeton Cemetery. Grace died SEP-07-1970, Princeton, MO.
Children by Fred A. Lane:

i Ralph Lane.
ii Allan Lane.
iii George Richard Lane born 1906, died 1907.
3. Allie Miller (1.George1) born FEB-14-1886, married AUG-01-1906, Paul C. Everly, born OCT-11-1882, died MAY-22-1954. Allie died SEP-22-1978, Princeton, MO.
i Robert Everly born APR-23-1907, married 1928, Wanda _____, born 1907, died 1936. Robert died 1986.
ii Martha Everly born 1912, married Clell B. Downey, born JUN-10-1912, died NOV-06-1991.
4. Bess Miller (1.George1) born JUL-03-1891, Princeton, MO., married SEP-21-1912, Perry Price Coon, born AUG-12-1889, (son of Charles M. Coon and Mary Perry) died 1973, buried: Princeton, MO. Bess died JAN-29-1988, buried: BETHANY, MO., Princeton Cemetery.

i Charles Miller Coon born 1915, married Bernice Harmon, born 1915, died 2005. Charles died 2001.
ii George 'Bill' Miller Coon born 1918, married (1) Cloe Johnson, born AUG-03-1923, died NOV-26-1964, married (2) Patricia Gorman. George died 2004.
iii Helen Louise Coon died INFANCY.
5. Florence Louise Miller (1.George1) born MAY-26-1902, Princeton, MO., married JUL-06-1920, Neal Dodds Martin, born MAR-26-1892, Illinois, (son of John Bailey Martin and Ina Thresa Norris) died SEP-17-1951, Princeton, MO., buried: Princeton Cemetery. Florence died SEP-13-1996, buried: Princeton Cemetery.

i (living) Martin married James Ferguson Dent, born JUN-06-1914, died JAN-18-1979.
ii (living) Martin married (1) Betty Jean Seeley, born FEB-24-1927, Princeton, MO., (daughter of Ovid Seeley and Rosie Thogmartin) died DEC-15-1965, married (2) (living) Thurman.
iii (living) Martin married Leon Dale Porter, born MAR-28-1922, Mercer Co., Mo., (son of Carl Vadus Porter and Veta Fonabelle Gibson) died OCT-29-2004, Iowa Methodist Hospital, Des Moines, Ia, buried: Evergreen cemetery, Lineville, IA.

My Grandpa and Grandma Martin

IMG_0427Neal Martin and Florence Miller were married July 6, 1920 and had three children, Virgina, George and Ruth.  Neal Dodds Martin was born, the son of John Martin and Ina T. Norris, March 26, 1892 and died September 17, 1951. Florence Louise Miller was born, the daughter of George William Miller and Martha Loe, May 26, 1902 and died September 13, 1996.They started life together in North Dakota then relocated to Illinois where his parents were raise and they moved back to North Dakota.  After my Mom was born in 1929 they moved to my Grandmother's hometown of Princeton, Mo., and that is where they stayed.
Below are their obituaries
Neal D. Martin, 59, Dies Unexpectedly 
   Neal D. Martin, 59 years old, a resident of this city for more than 20 years, died unexpectedly at his home late Monday night. Funeral services were set for Thursday afternoon from the Methodist Church, to be conducted by the Rev. Alfred Renfro.  Burial will be in the Princeton Cemetery.      Mr. Martin was in business here for many years and is widely known over the county.  He was a World War I veteran and was prominent in activities of the local post of the American Legion, being a former post commander.  He was also a member of the Masonic Lodge and the Odd Fellows Lodge.      Surviving are his wife Mrs. Florence Martin of the home; a son, George Bailey Martin of Maryville; and two daughters, Mrs Dale Porter, Lineville, and Mrs James Dent, Salem, Mo.; three brothers and three grandchildren.

Info about Neal's ancestors
Florence Martin Obituary
    Florence Louise Martin. daughter of George William and Martha Ann (Loe) Miller, was born in Princeton, Missouri, on May 26, 1902, and passed away on September 13, 1996, at the Liberty, Missouri, Hospital at the age of 94 years.
    Florence was united in marriage to Neal D. Martin on July 6, 1920. Neal preceded her in death on September 17, 1951. She was also preceded in death by her parents; and three sisters, Grace Long, Allie Everly, and Bess Coon.
    Florence is survived by her two daughters, Virginia M. Dent of Salem. Missouri. and Ruth M. Porter (and son-in-law, Dale) of Linevine, Iowa; her son, George B. Martin (and daughter-in-law, June) of Austin, Texas; 6 grandchildren; 3 stepgrandchildren; 9 greatgrandchildren; 1 great, greatgrandchild; and by several nieces and nephews.
    Florence was raised in Princeton, Missouri, where she lived most of her life. She was a 1919 graduate of Princeton High Sohohl, and later attended the Wesleyan College in Cameron, Missouri. She worked for the Axtell Hospital in Princeton as a receptionist for several years.
    Florence was a lifelong member of the Princeton United Methodist Church, where she served as church musician for many years. In the early 1960's she was chosen as Mother Of Thc Year by the Mother's Psychology Club of Princeton.
    Funeral services were held Sunday, September 15, 1996, at 2:00 p.m., at the Princeton United Methodist Church with Rev. Jennie Vertrees officiating, under the direction of the Greenlee-Middleton Funeral Service of Princeton. Burial was in the Princeton Cemetery.

Finding your ancestor's land grants

Finding your ancestor's land grant info

I've been able to find land grant info for several of my ancestors.  Some from my Porter and other families.  I think it's interesting to see where they might have lived and not just which county or township.   I found some good websites that helped out.  The first site is Bureau of Land Management(BLM), General Land Office (GLO) Records Automation web site.  Then click the "Search Documents" button.  I used this site to find the township, range, section and partial granted.  Here, I selected Missouri, Jackson County and I entered "porter" for the last name.  

click on image to enlarge

Then the following screen shows all of the Porter's with land grants in Jackson County, Mo.  Using a census for the county and township that's close to the year of the patent date listed, is one way to verify which person is your possible ancestor.   In my case, I'm interested in the "Hugh Porter" with the 1835 date,  make a note of the values in the Twp-Rng,  Aliquots (partial) and Sec# columns, they will be used to actually locate the land on a map.  You can also click the link to see more detail and to print a copy of the original land patent for this person.
click on image to enlarge
The site mapper below can be used to locate the township, range and the section on the map.  It is not the   friendliest site, but after you've worked with it for a while it can help find the area that your ancestor might have lived.  Along the toolbar there is a button labeled "township", click it to see the screen below.
click on image to enlarge
This screen is used to zoom in on the land area described.  Select the State, enter township (66), direction  (North), range (23) and direction (West) and click the search button.   Click the Zoom button at the bottom, this will cause the above map to zoom in on the location.   Again, not the friendliest, just close this screen to see the previous screen.
click on image to enlarge
This screen shows the yellow outline for the selected land area.  I have zoomed in more and checked the PLSS box at the bottom of the screen, the section grid shows when you zoom again.  There are 36 one mile square sections (640 acres) in a township / range.   The sections are divided by quarters (160 acres), so a partial described as SW 1/4 NW 1/4 is the Southwest 40 acres (quarter of 160 acres) of the Northwest quarter of the 640 acre section.  When zoomed in with the aerial view, section quarters are more obvious.

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Descendants of James Thomas Gibson,I and Sarah Roark/Sumner

James Thomas Gibson, I born ABT 1750, Halifax Co., Va., married ABT 1770, in Stokes or Surry Co., NC., Sarah Roark or Sumner, born ABT 1750, Stokes Co., NC., died AFT 1820, Knox Co., Ky. James died 1835, Whitley Co., Ky.


  1. William Gibson born 1773.
  2. Sarah Gibson born 1773.
  3. Polly Gibson born 1775.
  4. Barnabus Gibson born 1777, SC., married NOV-17-1800, in Grainger Co., Tn., Joyce Artis. Barnabus died AFT 1850, Green Co., Tn.
  5. James Thomas Gibson born 1779, Ky., Va. or Richland Co., SC., married 1797, Mary Finley, born 1775, Montgomery Co., Va., (daughter of James Finley and Keziah Martin) died JUN-07-1862, Scott Co., Tn. James died FEB-07-1862, Scott Co., Tn.
  6. Mary Gibson born 1780, married (1) Benjamin Crowley, married (2) DEC-15-1801, in Grainger Co., Tn., George Southerlin.
  7. Garret Franklin Gibson born 1782, Stokes Co., NC., married BEF 1807, in Putnam Co., In. or Claiborne Co., Tn., Rachael Reynolds. Garret died 1850, Buchanan Co., Mo.
  8. Valentine Gibson born 1783, Surry Co., NC., married NOV-17-1800, in Grainger Co., Tn., Mary Wyatt. Valentine died BEF MAR-05-1837, Knox Co., Ky.
  9. John Gibson born 1785, Surry Co., NC.
  10. Aaron Gibson born 1787
  11. Archelous Gibson born 1789.
  12. Lewis Gibson born MAY-19-1791, Stokes Co., NC., married (1) Elizabeth Butcher, married (2) FEB-10-1814, Priscilla Wilson. Lewis died MAY-24-1847, Washington Twp. Mercer Co., Mo., buried: Salem cemetery.
  13. George Gibson born 1793.
  14. Elias Gibson born 1795, Stokes Co., NC., married JUN-14-1821, in Monroe Co., In., Elizabeth Garrett. Elias died BEF NOV-15-1826, Putnam Co., In.

I will have more Gibson, Tye and Hays family info later